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Sivota – Plataria

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Explore Sivota and Plataria

The area of Sivota is a place blessed from nature. The beautiful landscape and its charming beaches with their crystal-clear water, will carry away even the most demanding visitor. The area has 2 large centers with excellent tourist infrastructure, Sivota and Plataria, which attract thousands of visitors every year.

With Nautos Boats, having as a starting point Plataria’s Marina, you will have the chance to visit the nearby beaches of Plataria and Sivota. You will discover remote beaches, coves and sea caves, while you will swim in crystal clear water, feeling the absolute sense of freedom and tranquility

Places to Visit

Explore some of the best places around Sivota and Plataria

kokkinos vrahos beach

Kokkinos Vrachos Beach with its characteristic red rocks, which surround it.

kalami beach

Kalami beach, with its fine pebbles, cold waters and breathtaking landscape.

Gallikos Molos

The famous islands of Agios Nikolaos and Mavro Oros with the unique beach beauty.

Mpela Vraka

The island of Megalo Mourtemeno with the enchanting beach of Bella Vraka, where the visitor can reach walking, as the water level is up to the knee.

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