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Booking Policy


Nautos sets as its top priority, the excellent customer service. The boats and engines are new and are checked with full service before delivery to the client. Maximum number of passengers varies depending on boat type and it is mentioned in the boat’s features.
The boat delivered to the lessee will be full of fuel (only unleaded gasoline). The cost of the fuel is exclusive responsibility of the lessee. Extra charged upon request the delivery and receipt of the boat outside Plataria. For the rental of Nautos boats, no skipper license is required.

-Nautos has no responsibility for mechanical or other damages caused from your fault during the fare.
-Boat rental is prohibited for people under 18 years.


In accordance with the General Port Regulations (GPR) number38 regulating the hiring of motor and high-speed boats:

  • In each boat rental the operate permit has to be blue (not green as the amateur ones) and it has to states that it is professional.
  • At the license of the rental boat there must be an indication of the destination with the registration of the following phrase: “HIRED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF THE GENERAL PORT REGULATION number38”
  • The offenders will be punished with a fine the amount of which reaches the forty thousand euros (40.000, 00) Euros
  • The lessor must deliver in parallel with renting to every tenant:
    a) The original permit to operate and the leased boat
    b) Copy of insurance policy
    c) Certified copy of lease license
    d) Copies of GPR governing traffic and motorized and high-speed boats as well as the GPR number38

All our vessels are covered by liability insurance to third parties with the following ceilings per accident:

  • Personal injuries – Death of passengers or third parties from accident 50.000 Euros per person.
  • Personal injuries – Death of passengers or third parties from accident 500.000 Euros per fact.
  • Material damage of third parties per fact and with a maximum limit of 150.000 Euros
  • Causing marine pollution per fact and with a maximum limit of 150.000 Euros.

The insurance does not cover any accidents which will be caused to board operator as well as loss of personal belongings of passengers.


1. Booking

Nautos offers an integrated booking system. From the home page you can choose the boat that best meets your needs. The boats page offers an overview of the date and time availability. A date highlighted with red colour means that the boat is booked.
By choosing a date and rental package (e.g. 09:00 – 13:00 or 13:00 – 17:00 or 09:00 – 17:00) in the booking form and clicking “booking” you will be directed to booking summary, where you can see an overview of your booking. By clicking “proceed to checkout” you will proceed to the next step, which is payment.


2. Payment

The platform offers 2 different payment options.

  • Payment by debit card upon checkout from the booking platform.
  • Payment by bank the full amount, at the latest within three (3) days after the booking. After the deposit, the payment slip must be sent to the company’s e-mail, in order to receive a confirmation for your booking


3. Cancelation Policy

Nautos Boats cancellation policy states:

  1. In case of cancellation up to 25 days before the scheduled departure, the total amount of the booking is refunded or the lease is transferred to another date, with no further charge.
  2. In case of cancellation up to 15 days prior to scheduled departure, 50% of the amount of the booking will be refunded.
  3. In case of cancellation less than 15 days before the scheduled departure, the total amount is reserved


4. Weather Conditions

The hiring and the detention of the vessel are normally carried out only when the intensity of the winds does not exceed the permitted limits and after being authorized by the port authorities. In case of bad weather conditions which are unsuitable for boats to sail, the total amount of the lease is refunded or postponed for another date.


5. Departure

During the arrival at the determined pick up point of the vessel you will be required to sign all those necessary documents so as to rent the boat and arrange any outstanding financial obligations.
The lessee/operator of the boat must carry an original identification card, passport or driving license and copies of them.
We remind you that during the chartering period, you should be provided with the required license, in order to indicate to the port authorities, if needed.
At the receipt of the boat there will be a detailed demonstration of the vessel and the equipment while a declaration of acceptance of the boat and the list of the equipment that it brings, will be signed. Also, detailed information about security procedures and information useful for the boat usage and the documents which were given to you, will be provided. The boat will be given to you filled with fuel, for the facilitation of the procedure.
Worth noting that the past actions can take place any previous day to our headquarters upon your request with the aim of accelerating your departure.


6. The Return

The return to the point the boat was delivered, must not exceed the predetermined hour. Upon the receipt of the boat, its status and equipment are checked.
The boat’s refueling is our responsibility. However, fuel cost will burden the customer.

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